Getting old is a blessing. Additionally, it is a good thing to get old and see your generation expand. Nevertheless, aging comes with various sicknesses which are rare with the younger generation. Most of the ailments are as a result of the body becoming weak. Immunity levels deteriorate and thus small diseases sprouts as huge complications which take time to heal.

The effectiveness of medicine generally gets low due to a weak immune system. Complications that come at an old age differ with gender. Men and women may not be affected by the same illnesses. Below are common illnesses that attack men in their old age.

Heart Disease

It is the most rampant health problem that is affecting men of all ages. However, it has become common in older men than it is among the young ones. While men are trying to make both ends meet and sustain their family, they experience hardships which may cause anxiety and depression. Gradually, stress problems can cause and accelerate heart complications.



A large population of men across the world comprises of tobacco smokers. If they do not smoke, they may be using other narcotic products which are harmful to the body. Consecutively, their bodies are prone to develop cancerous cells as time passes.

At old age, the cancerous cells have already manifested themselves all over their crucial body parts like throat, mouth or lungs. Prostate cancer is one of the major cancers that affect men. It affects the prostate glands. Today, prostate cancer is prevalent in men above the age of 50 years. Doctors say that it may be caused by becoming sexually inactive.


Stoke is a cerebral vascular accident that occurs when the supply of blood in the parts of the brain is disrupted. It causes the death of many brain cells. According to doctors, this problem is made worse by the effects of smoking, high blood pressure or high cholesterol. At an older age, men tend to have consumed large amount s of substances that may cause high blood pressure and high cholesterols like cigarettes, alcohol, roasted meat among others.


Over 40 percent of aged men in the World has diabetes. This problem is caused by the body failing to control the blood sugar levels in the body. Due to aging, the efficiency of the immune system may have a drastic disintegration. Therefore, the immune system destroys the insulin cells in the pancreases. Diabetes creeps in and may be hard to manage at old age.

ill man

Influenza and Pneumonia

As mentioned earlier, the immune system crumples at old age. This makes it inevitable for the old people to suffer from any disease regardless of complexity. It includes common infections like influenza (flu). Most of the times, influenza may fuel the risk of getting pneumonia.

For old men, pneumonia infections can easily breakdown lungs, especially for smokers. Even as one may have quit smoking, the damage to the lungs could have been done. Administering flu medication should entail giving strong drugs which instantly neutralizes flue before immense damage is suffered.