Pesticides are the various types of chemicals used in controlling pests. These substances are poisonous in nature. The following are some of the tips which can help you in reducing the risks posed by pesticides.

Eating organically grown vegetables and fruits

This involves taking organic foods. These are foods grown without using inorganic substances. You can get these foods by searching for organic farmers who are found in your areas. Once you understand the potential risks associated with pesticides, you should take action to protect yourself and your family.

Growing your own foods

You can eliminate the potential risks associated with pesticides by growing your own vegetables. These crops can be grown in a green house or even on the balcony. If your space is limited, you can assemble aquaponic and hygroscopic systems. Potted herbs can also be grown on the windowsill. Aquaponic systems will enable you to enjoy organic and fresh fish throughout the year.

Getting a water filter

Excessive use of pesticides can contaminate the drinking water. These pesticides can evaporate and then fall in the form of rain water. The contaminated rain water will finally end up in the drains and streams. This means that there is a need to invest in water filtration system to trap the contaminants.

Eating fermented foods

Exposure to pesticides can affect your central nervous system fermented foods have useful bacteria which are needed by the digestive system. They play a significant role by breaking down the pesticides. Another vegetable which is rich in these useful bacteria is kimchi.

Washing vegetables and fruits thoroughly

Washing your vegetables and fruits will help in removing the pesticide’s residues. However, you should note that water alone is not enough to remove all the pesticide’s residues. These chemicals can be eliminated by soaking the vegetables in the vinegar solution for about 15 minutes. They are then rinsed off using clean water. Alternatively, a solution of lemon juice and baking soda can be used for spraying the vegetables and fruits. The sprayed vegs and fruits are then rinsed off using water.


Peeling fruits and vegetables is safer than washing them. Some fruits such as apples are sprayed using a variety of pesticides. It is therefore important to ensure that these chemicals are eliminated. Peel apples are readily available in the local supermarkets. Alternatively, you can buy the organic apples.

Beware of imports

Trading with countries such as India and China has made people more vulnerable to pesticides. These countries have no clear regulations and guidelines like the ones set up by the European Union. For instance, garlic from China has been found to contain a high concentration of pesticide residues.