The Internet is an exciting and fun place, but not all areas are suitable for children. We suggest that you take the time to “surf” with your kids. It’s not only a good idea, it can also be a lot of fun. While you’re here, check out the new ratings information that can help you decide which programs are suitable for your children.

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New TV Ratings

Mitzi & Dodger have lots of fun stuff planned for Kids Clubbers!

Do you like to color? Click on the cartoon of Mitzi & Dodger to go to their very own coloring book! You can click on a picture you like and make it larger. If you want to, you can print it out and color it. You can paint it in your computer’s paint program too! To save the picture on your computer, just click the right mouse button. When the menu appears click on “save this image as.” Make sure you ask Mom or Dad for help. They’ll tell you where to save it on your system.

Do you think you know everything about FOX 61 Kids’ shows? Try our new Trivia Challenge!

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