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Getting Cut and Shredded with These Simple Steps

Cut & Shredded

Having a muscular and strong appearance is sometimes not enough. The well-cut and shredded look is the next goal of pursuing the ultimate aesthetic in body-building. The workout is twice more intense, and the diet is thrice stricter than gaining muscle.

Here are simple steps for you to get a well-cut and shredded body:

Diet restriction

DietThe best way to get well-cut and shredded is to eat more protein and less carbo. Protein sources such as lean red meat or chicken fillet will fuel up your body’s muscle production. You should restrict your carbohydrate intake, not to avoid eating it at all. The liver needs carbohydrate to normally function. Besides, you will quickly feel tired if you have insufficient carbo intake. Therefore, you should be wise in managing your daily menu. Diversity is the key to a successful diet.

Consider taking supplements if you feel like your body needs a boost to stay fit. But you should treat those supplements as they are supposed to be, for supplementary only. If you need detailed information, you can find out more by clicking here. Do not mistake that supplements can replace the real nutrition sources. If you are abusively using the supplements, you can find your liver or kidneys damaged.

Intermittent fasting

Intermittent FastingTiming is very important in the diet. You will be less likely to get well-cut if you eat right before your sleep at night. Sleeping with empty stomach allows you to burn fat. In the morning after you wake up, a brief set of rope jumping or 5 minutes sprinting is enough to burn fat and starts your day with a fresh body.

Fasting is also an option to give more time for your body to use the stored fat in the body. Fasting is a method of providing a long time interval between meals (commonly from 8, 12, to 22 hours interval). However, once you take the meals, you have to make sure they are very nutritious and rewarding. It is better for you to cook by yourself and avoid eating outside because you can control how much salt and sugar are in your meals if you make them by yourself.

Cardio and body-resistance training

CardioFor cutting the excess fat off your body, you should combine cardio and body resistance training. Fat induces fat. If you do not annihilate your belly fat, it is going to be forever there. But once you can get rid of your belly belt, you do not need to work as hard as you have previously done.

Muscle prevents your body from storing fat. The more muscle you have in certain areas of your body, the less likely they are to let fat build up. Getting a well-cut look means that you should get definitive muscles in your shoulders, arms, torso, abs, thighs, and legs. Set your resistance training to hit those specific areas. Schedule your gym time in a week and divide each session for training a specified muscle area.

Resistance trainingIntense cardio exercises, like running marathon, swimming, and biking are good for getting rid off the fat. But too much of cardio can make you lose your muscles. At least twice of intense cardio exercises in a week is enough, unless you need to lose weight.…


Effective Ways Of Making Exercises Fun

Exercises are incredibly beneficial for your body. Some of the health benefits of exercises include promoting mental health, improving physical strength and health. However, there are some people who find it difficult to take part in any form of exercise. These people are encouraged to find effective ways which would make it enjoyable or fun. You are more likely to stick with exercise if you enjoy doing it. Practising regularly will help in improving your life drastically. Below are some of the best ways which will help in making exercise fun.

Changing it up

Some of the common fitness machines such as elliptical and treadmill can be dreadful. You can enjoy using these machines by listening to some audio book or music in your headphones. This is one of the best ways of changing up the cardio routine and your exercise to something which is not monotonous. Alternatively, you can try something different such as rebounding, dancing or even kickboxing. There are some dances such as hip-hop and salsa dancing which are fitness-focussed.

Grabbing a friend

Grabbing a friend is one way of getting accountability and support on your fitness program. Practising with a friend will help in keeping you motivated. A friend can also assist you in settingĀ up routine exercises which are fun. This is best done when friends are challenging one another. Moreover, it is advisable to laugh and have fun when meditating.

Pumping up the volume

This can be done by taking the best tunes when going for a workout. You will be encouraged to do your best by listening to a song which motivates you. Listening to music is fun and it can greatly help in increasing your intensity when training.

Dressing it up

This involves grabbing some new workout gears. For instance, you can buy yourself nice new footwear when yours become old. Many people will feel more excited and confident to exercise once they are dressed in new gear.

Taking it outside

Taking it outside is almost similar to changing it up. You can decide to get outside and enjoy nature when the weather is favourable. You will find flat/grassy areas, jungle gyms, stairs, sturdy tree branches and parking lots when you are outside.


A low current routine Can end up costing you a lot of time. Doing some circuits can greatly help you in cranking up the intensity of your workout. This will enable you to complete your workout within the shortest time possible. Circuits will also allow you to proceed to the next exercises without resting. It will be fun when you are trying to beat the completion time recorded during the previous session.


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